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Short Film


B.iFF is a short film co-produced by White Ermine Films.

The idea behind this short film is to show what a team assembled by White Ermine Films is capable of. Most members of the team are also going to work on Forever 27 and this is the reason why B.I.F.F. is linked to this website.

B.iFF is a heartfelt emotional film drama with a streak of dark comedy. This rite of passage/coming of age movie will appeal to both an adult and a young audience.

The Story

Amy is at a pivotal point in her teen years. She is about to break into the inner circle of coolness. She is about to go to a party with the cool kids. This has never happened before, it’s a big deal.

However, Amy has to take her mum’s car in order to drive there without telling her. She has to cross a line that she has never crossed before. She needs to break her parents trust.

Now meet Chloe - Amy’s BFF - the unusual friend. Chloe knows she’s not invited, but she didn’t expect to be dumped and she will try everything to stop Amy from both going and growing up.

The Production

We shot our film in September 2020 during the pandemic and in-between various lockdowns. This was a challenge but we pulled through and the team did an amazing job. They are rightly very proud of the results. 

Film Festivals

Our short, the first made by our young production company, has received praise during its festival run.

We were selected in 16 festivals and won five categories in three different festivals (Best Director, Best Actress, Best Cast, Best Quarantine Film, Best Short Film).

We were also finalists in two others (Best Short film and Best Director).

"BiFF is a breath of fresh air. A coming-of-age story is hard to tell in 10 minutes but director Helenka does so with a splash of humour and sass. The film follows a teen as she struggles to let go of her best friend on whom she is too dependant. The two lead actresses deliver good performances, with Elle Meadows especially impressive. Their chemistry ignites the film and pushes the humour." - Lion Film Festival


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